Naushon Kabat-Zinn


Naushon Kabat-Zinn has been studying yoga since she was a teenager. Her challenging, yet compassionate, Power Vinyasa classes are a wonderful way to cultivate strength, serenity, flexibility and balance. Inspired by her studies with Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Baba Hari Dass, and the teachings of Vispassana (Insight) Meditation, Naushon’s straightforward, authentic, and inspirational style emphasizes the linking of movement with breath, cultivating our ability to be more fully present and awake in our lives, and navigate the challenges that arise with more grace and kindness.

"I have been teaching yoga for the past 18 years. For me, yoga is life-saving. It grounds me when I feel disconnected, overwhelmed, and stressed out, and gets me back in my body when I feel stuck in my head. But mainly, yoga gives me perspective, reminding me to wake up and enjoy this beautiful life that I have been gifted...and realize that this moment, right now, is enough."

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