Kayvon Afsarifard


Kayvon came to yoga through the competitive world of college soccer. While playing for a semi pro team in orange county California, he attended his first yoga class with the intention to attain greater flexibility and avoid injuries. After that one taste of the yoga practice Kayvon was steadfast on cultivating deeper understanding of this ancient spiritual and philosophical tradition.

Kayvon completed his Masters degree at Pepperdine University studying clinical psychology while teaching yoga in Orange County. He acquired his first 200 Hr. training through Core Power Yoga, followed by a 100 Hr. intensive with his most influential teacher Josh Vincent in Encinitas California. Kayvon continues to expand his knowledge of Yoga asana and pranayama though other master teachers including Gabriel Halpern and Annie Carpenter.

With passion and enthusiasm Kayvon enjoys teaching people what they are capable of and how to be content with where they are in every moment to navigate the fluid and changing moments of the practice. He seeks to cultivate mindful awareness throughout the practice and offers opportunities to modify the practice to serve the students development as yogis. With a smile and heart full of love his classes involve a dynamic blend of asana practice for all students to find depth and intention. Over 4 years of teaching yoga has taught Kayvon to help students to cultivate love and connection in their asana practice that proliferates into every aspect of their lives.

The style and intention of his classes help students develop a more intimate relationship between body, mind, and soul. His classes are great for people who are hoping to create a more mindful life and utilize yoga as a journey inward to understand the nature of their own body and mind and go beyond what they once thought was possible. The hope is for students to take lessons from their time on the mat and allow them to illuminate and awaken them to a more meaningful connection with life.