Reba Gray


Reba's sense of adventure and curiosity has taken her to places near and far. Her desire to give back and broaden her view of the world led her to join the Peace Corps in Mali, an experience that taught her about the real power of community. She was lucky to be invited to understand local needs and create solutions together. She came back home and settled in Boston, Massachusetts. Seeking ways to process her experience abroad, and looking for community, Reba was fortunate to discover both at the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. Reba practiced and trained for six years, then became a hands-on alignment assistant in 2007 and completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2009. She served as a mentor for students in hands-on assistant trainings at the school in 2008 and 2009.

After three years of teaching private and group classes in Boston, Reba moved to Oakland in 2010 to deepen her practice and diversify her yoga studies. The style of yoga that she likes combines cardio, alignment focus, hands-on assists, and usually some music. She is continually participating in advanced trainings and mentorships with many teachers in the Bay Area, and expanding her offerings as her practice evolves. You can read more about yoga with Reba at