Ashley Garver


BORN: To live from the heart
CURRENT TOWN: The land of trust
OCCUPATION: To share in this journey

Ashley / “Ash” considers herself a student first and teacher second. We all have gifts to learn from and share with each other. Each time we come to our mat is an opportunity to connect with our own inner wisdom and to be in a safe and loving community with others. Ashley began her yoga journey when she moved to the Bay Area in 2006. With over twelve years experience studying and practicing yoga and meditation throughout California, India and Southeast Asia, Ashley’s yoga practice is her medium of daily self discovery. Through her own exploration inward, Ashley has unlocked the service she brings to the world, to help others cultivate a more rooted sense of self-trust and self-love. For it is only once one has this connection and foundation that one can be of service to others and this planet, leading from the heart.

Ashley is a 200-Hour RYT certified yoga teacher and Reiki level II practitioner who loves leading both vinyasa and restorative classes. Her recent explorations into the restorative practice unveiled the growth and healing that can occur in stillness and surrender. In her classes, Ashley guides her students to connect with their body and their breath and to get curious as to what their inner wisdom has to say. She incorporates breath awareness, body scans and Reiki - a warm, light, healing touch to further support the restorative asanas.

When she’s not teaching, Ashley is servicing the Bay Area as a birth doula and Reiki practitioner, offering her marketing professional skills to inspiring companies and businesses, volunteering at the East Bay Meditation Center and frolicking in the hills with her moon-dog Luna.