BORN: Los Angeles
CURRENT TOWN: San Francisco
OCCUPATION: Yoga Teacher


Leila’s yoga offering is an empowering physical, mental, and spiritual practice, blending chanting, breath-work, and vinyasa. She began her study of yoga in 2000 at the Himalayan Institute, and has been teaching full-time since 2010. Leila has completed over 1000 hours in Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training; she has certifications in Power Vinyasa Flow, Bhakti Flow, and is working towards SmartFLOW. She is deeply inspired by her current teachers, Richard Rosen and Annie Carpenter. Leila is an ambassador for RISE Yoga for Youth, a non-profit bringing yoga to underserved teens in SF/Bay Area high schools. Leila believes yoga is the most effective practice for self-discovery, love, happiness, and peace.