Exploration, learning, and play are the shared factors in Laura’s two passions- travel and yoga. After years of experiencing different styles of yoga while exploring the world, followed by several years working to help others plan their own travel adventures, she is now excited to lead others in exploring the Self through the journey of their yoga practice. She is happy to be home in the Bay Area and honored to have found a yoga community of warm, openhearted students and esteemed, transformative yoga teachers at Nest Yoga | Oakland.

Vinyasa, the artful and empowering flow of movement to the rhythm of breath is her favorite practice for stilling thoughts, centering, and honoring the Self; this is the intention she encourages her students. She motivates each student to tune into their own body, mind, and energy to deeply connect to the body’s wisdom and find their own unique practice. Together they co-create a practice that is a balance of challenge and nourishment, of effort and ease, of strengthening and stretching the body and holding on to the goals for their practice with letting go of expectation.