Jody took her first yoga class in 2001 in Los Angeles, inspired by a friend who had demonstrated a handstand at work. She remembers that first class well – the physical challenge and the focus required, mixed with an exciting feeling of clarity. She did not do a handstand that day but she was hooked on yoga, and two years later graduated from The Center for Yoga Teacher Training Program in LA. She has been teaching ever since.

Her classes are infused with the philosophy that we are, all of us, engaged in a process at all times which can be illustrated by finishing any statement with “yet”: “I can’t do this (yet)”… “I’m not flexible (yet).” If we can be involved in the process and not focused solely on the outcome, then both the process and the outcome may be surprising and rewarding. We are explorers – discovering poses, discovering mental clarity, discovering how we deal with challenges and, maybe, discovering some spiritual awareness. Oh, yeah – and it helps to keep a sense of humor about all of it.