BORN: To connect
CURRENT TOWN: Wherever you go, there you are. 
OCCUPATION: Peacemaker

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Mindful, Empowering, Rooted in Tradition. Jenna infuses her teaching with a combination of compassion and precision. At 16, Jenna began practicing yoga to relieve stress and stretch her tight athletic body, over time her flexibility improved and stress-reduced greatly, what she did not anticipate was an elevated sense of self-confidence, presence and overall inner peace. After graduating from UCSB she went on to complete 2 highly regarded yoga training with Yogaworks, and Wee yogis. She is also an avid student of Ayurveda, studying with Shunya Acharya, at Vedika Global, and James Bailey, at the Sevanti Institute. Jenna applies her knowledge of Ayurveda to her own life and counsels others to do the same, to become happier, healthier, more balanced. Jenna is dedicated to helping others cultivate vitality and strength in their body, calm in their mind, and confidence in themselves.

She teaches energizing flow classes, that emphasize alignment; to teach students proper form, to build strength, increase flexibility, and to develop more functional movement patterns. There is also great emphasis placed on the breath, to encourage focus and relieve stress. Jenna’s goal is to empower her students with the tools they need to navigate this modern, high-paced world with greater ease. She shares her love and knowledge of ancient yogic wisdom in an authentic and light-hearted way, that people will find applicable and meaningful.