Founded by Kim Lally, the Nest Yoga studio on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland is one of the most respected yoga centers in the Bay Area. With top-notch facilities, welcoming staff and world-renowned instructors, we offer a home where students can take their yoga experience to the next level.


Our Instructors

Our teaching faculty includes some of the most senior and sought after teachers in the world including Richard Rosen, Annie Carpenter, Leslie Howard, Yoko Yoshikawa, Vickie Russell Bell, JoAnn Lyons and many others.  Hand picked for their extensive experience, ability to make connections, and communicate effectively with their students, all of our world class faculty are equipped to break down a pose, offer modifications if needed, or suggest variations for students looking to deepen their practice. We encourage you to try as many classes as possible to connect with the specific teachers and teachings that resonate with you.

Amazing instructors: knowledgeable, generous, attentive and great at holding space for yogis to challenge themselves while feeling safe and non-competitive. Love the studio feel! It’s bright and lofty, clean and comfortable.

- Kelly F, Google reviews

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